It's only Monday once a week

We know how much you all detest Mondays, there just doesn’t seem to be anything good about them. But that is about to change. It’s only Monday once a week will present a theme every Monday and one/ two or more pictures per superb person included in this group. Mondays suddenly have a purpose.



Hello beauties

Exclusive monday theme/Long live all the party projects!


The tales of a country

I have been away from Norway for two years. When I came back I suddenly felt like a stranger.

I felt like I saw it all from the outside. A country I was feeling from the inside.

I started to think- Is there any feeling or a mood of a country that it´s possible to visualize?

I started the journey like a traveller. A traveller in a well known place.

I wanted to tell stories I know. Or do I ?

I started to search for a feeling from the everydaylife here-
the small tales of my country.

I am still searching. These are some.


Fotoskolan c/o Bukowskis!

Fotoskolan STHLM visar sina slutprojekt på Bukowskis med vernissage på lördag! Kom och se! / Linnéa